The Hostel Dweller

The hostel dweller climbs up and down
creaky staircases and beds
Drinks instant coffee
And watches people come and go

The hostel dweller sleeps in a room 
with people from all over the world 
but doesn’t bother to ask 
where are they from anymore 

The hostel dweller 
is used to shower flip flops 
and travel sized everything
including connections

The hostel dweller
doesn’t know when they’ll be back 
and doesn’t want to know 
unless they have to 

The hostel dweller is tired 
They have sore backs
and aching feet 
from walking around all day

The hostel dweller
takes naps in the afternoon 
because to them
it is just another day 

The hostel dweller 
is not tempted by 5 star restaurants 
because they know the place down the street
is just as good for half the price 

The hostel dweller knows exactly where to go
to get away from all the other hostel dwellers 
And blend in with the crowd 
so they can pretend they’re from there for just for a little while 

The hostel dweller can guess 
how old someone is
by the way they talk and walk
and stare at the world 

The hostel dweller is wary of strangers 
But would never take kindness for granted 
Nor clean socks, linens, and towels 

The hostel dweller
will always remember to say “thank you” and “good night”
before they take off
stealthily in the middle of the night 

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