Oh hey, you made it–welcome!

As I’ve already told you, my dream is to travel the world. But I didn’t always have the courage to do it.

Like so many young college students, I was LOST after graduation. I thought I wanted to be an anthropologist/archaeologist (hence, the picture above) but after a few months of digging, I couldn’t keep all the nats out of my face and I couldn’t imagine talking about soil striations for the rest of my life. So, I left.

“What do I do now, then?” I asked myself.

I didn’t know, so I took a bunch of random jobs (I mean, random). I worked at a pharmacy, a farmers market, a food non-profit, and finally, I was a retail sales associate. But nothing really clicked.

The ONLY thing I seemed to know for sure that I wanted to do was to travel. But “traveling” isn’t a job, is it?

Well, to make a long story short, I decided to quit my job and go backpacking for a few months. And when I came back, I was a different person.

cambodia, travel, siem reap

This trip gave me the strength and confidence that I never knew I had and taught me that ALL of the fears I had about pursuing my dreams were made up by ME. So when I came home, I decided to never let fear hold me back ever again.


In the following months, I changed my career, I moved, reprioritized my values, and redefined my definition of success and happiness.

I stopped listening to what society, my parents, my friends, and what everyone else wanted and just listened to myself. And it led me here: writing and traveling.

But all of this didn’t come without a price. My parents were confused and disappointed in me, and I became distant to everyone around me. But perhaps, the most devastating change of all was that I lost someone whom I was very close with.

But there was a silver lining to all of this:

I gained the courage to do all the things I love and have ever wanted to do. And that included moving across the country by myself, finding a way to work online, and continuing to pursue my dream of traveling the world.

I don’t know who you are or why you’re here but I’m assuming something spoke to you. I don’t have any magic solutions for you but I hope you’ll take my stories as seeds for your own dreams and plant them somewhere. Just remember to give it lots of love, patience, and time.