A New Direction


Wow! New look! What’s going on?

I am taking everything I’ve learned these past 6 months and making The Tiny Punch even BETTER.

Since starting this blog 6 months ago, I learned A LOT. So much I’m not even sure I can fit everything on here but I’ll try.

I learned how to start a blog, maintain it, promote it, and connect with dozens of people with similar interests.

I learned how to get into freelance writing, build a portfolio, how to land clients and so much more.

But most important of all, I learned what kind of a blogger and writer I want to be.

Back to the beginning…

When I first started The Tiny Punch, EVERYONE was telling how important it is to promote it.

“You should post more on Instagram.” 

“You should get a Twitter.”

“You should get a Pinterest.” 

You should get on every social media platform there ever was and will be.

But boy, did that get tiring fast. I wanted to throw my laptop and phone out the window at some point.

Then there were the NON-STOP ads on Facebook and Instagram telling me how to gain more followers and earn more money.

“Wanna learn how to gain more followers??”

I wanted to throw up.

It made me question, who am I and why did I even start this blog?

Is it to get rich and famous? Or is it to inspire people like I said in the beginning?

I had to dig real hard and answer this question honestly.

It’s easy to say money doesn’t matter but the truth is, it does.

If my dream is to travel the world, I need money to do it. But I realized this blog is not how I’d like to do it.

This blog is about connecting with others who also want to go after their dreams but are scared.

And if it earns me some money, great, but it’s not my goal.

Money, I’ve learned, can be a great motivation, but it’s not a very good motivator. If I was just blogging to make money, I would be so bored.

You know what is a great motivator though?

Fear. Joy. Love. Connections.

The other day, I had a wonderful conversation with my neighbor for two hours about art. And it all started because I shared my blog with him.

Friends and strangers have also reached out to me to share their dreams and goals with me, and I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it.

This is why I started this blog.

So to recap: what have I learned from blogging these last 6 months?

  • It doesn’t really matter how you much you promote yourself if you’ve got nothing to promote.
  • Build the blog and then create some damn GOOD content.
  • Read the rules then break the rules! Follow the ones that make sense to you and discard the rest.
  • Find your own voice, hold your ground, and don’t give in to other people’s voices.
  • Make mistakes, feel stupid, improve, rinse and repeat.

What’s next?

Well… summer is coming and you should know it is my absolute F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E season!

I’ll be out and about, frolicking in the sun, dancing down the streets. You won’t even recognize me.

I plan on going to the beach, writing some more stories and poetry, and stepping up my writing game even more.

I may have some exciting news on the horizon but for now, I will just say this:

I’m proud of myself for showing up here even when I didn’t want to!

I’m proud of myself for hitting “Publish” even when I thought I sounded incredibly stupid!

I’m proud of myself for taking that first step towards my dream.

Will you take that first step for yourself today?

Thank you to all those of you who reached out to me personally with your words of encouragement and support. You have no idea how much they meant to me. Thank you.


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