10 Things I Spent WAY Too Much Time Doing in My First Year of Blogging

My blog turns one today! And all I can think of is how much time energy and time I’ve spent on this thing. WAAAAY too much, but I can’t help it.

Like many bloggers, my blog is my baby. And as a new blogger, well, I am absolutely obsessive over this thing just like a parent with a newborn. From the way the lines look to the spaces in between the boxes, I notice it ALL.

For good laughs, here are 10 things that I spent WAY too much doing in my first year of blogging and that I would warn any new blogger to watch out for!

1.Editing My Bio

At this point, I think I’ve updated my bio about a hundred times. I believe every new blogger gets what I call “Blogger Identity Crisis,” a condition where we suddenly question who we are and our lives. So we spend hours drafting clever, witty bios, only to change them every other day.

2. Changing Themes

After we scroll through thousands of blog templates and scrutinize each one, we’ll finally pick one. But then for some reason, when we install them, they’ll look nothing like the ones in the example. Thus, we spend the next few days of our lives adjusting every single little thing.

3. Closing Weird Gaps

Sometimes, these new shiny blog templates also come with huge gaps at the top, and we can’t figure out why. To get rid of it, we’ll search all over the web, email the theme providers, and if it’s still there, we’ll ask a friend who know web design. Must get rid of extra space.

4. Changing Domains

This is embarrassing but I’ve changed my domain name three times now. Not only was it expensive but it was also frustrating to fix broken links. And yes, I did sleep on them when I came up with them but over time, I just felt like I outgrew the old ones so I had to change it.

5. Adjusting Fonts

When I don’t like the fonts on my theme, I have to change all of them. I change the paragraph font, the header fonts, the tagline font, and the title don’t. And the next thing you know, my entire evening was spent looking at different fonts and sizes.

6. Resizing Images

When you don’t have a professional photographer to take all your pictures, you have to use some of your own photos. But inevitably, they’ll be either too blurry, too small, or too big. And the worst of all is when you can’t adjust the size of your feature photo. Ughhh!

7. Googling CSS Codes

When they tell you you don’t need to know any HTML or CSS skills to start a blog, that’s a lie. I lost track of how much time I‘ve spent on Google looking for CSS codes to change something specific on my blog and it’s a miracle when they work.

8. Revising and Deleting Posts

We are our own toughest critics, which is why I have over 100 blogs posts that I’ve never published. Often, I’ll spend hours writing one blog post but by the end of it, I hate it, so it never sees the daylight. In my spare time, I’ll also reread old blog posts and edit them meticulously.

9. Editing My Tagline

A tagline is a description of your blog and mine is constantly changing because my blog is also constantly evolving. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because I’m learning more about who I am as a blogger, but having to come up with a few words to sum up your blog is a lot harder than you think.

10. Figuring Out My ‘Niche’

“What’s your niche?” This is the question that every new blogger dreads because usually, we have at least two or three things that we like to write about. So asking us to pick one is like asking us who our favorite child is. It’s a process, man, and you’ll just have to be patient with us.

Are you a blogger too? Do you agree with these things?


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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Spent WAY Too Much Time Doing in My First Year of Blogging

  1. I recognize myself here…
    And in more than just the 10 things.
    I recently moved AWAY from the Basque Country =D. Last month actually.
    It is a gem of a place, and I hope you have the best time of your life! I did!

    <3 Björn "Avión" <- My nickname since my Swedish name was quite unpronounceable to many

  2. Hi
    I am also guilty of changing my bio a million times and I am definitely still quite unsatisfied. And I just can’t seem to be able to choose a niche….I know it might be hurting my blog but I just write whatever I want hehe

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