Trusting The Unknown

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The hardest part about chasing dreams to me is trusting the unknown.

Even though I don’t know where I’ll be the next few months, I try to trust the process.

I cannot see where I’m going exactly and I feel like I’m wading through dark waters but there is a familiar voice inside of me that tells me to keep going.

I didn’t always trust my intuition this easily though, it was something that I learned over time.

And I’m completely aware of how naive this all sounds but following my intuition has never led me down the wrong path. And the few times that I did ignore it, I regretted it.

Let me tell you exactly where intuition has taken me.

San Francisco

Right around this time last year, I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved living there and it felt like home to me. But after a year, something told me it was time to go home, my real home, New York City.

I didn’t know why and I didn’t know what for but it was such a strong feeling that I couldn’t ignore it.

So, painfully, I tore myself away from the city that I loved and the life that I built there.

When I got home, I was a mess.

I was unemployed and I had a really hard time adjusting back to my old life. I felt like a stranger in my own home for a while.

During this time, I wrote a lot. Writing became my escape and that’s why I built this blog and started freelance writing.

I wanted to keep traveling but I couldn’t financially, mentally, and emotionally. But still, there was a little voice in my head that said I was at the right place.

So I waited, wrote, and waited and slowly I started to find myself again.

This period taught me to trust the process, be patient with myself, and focus solely on what was in front of me instead of what was 10 steps ahead.

But most importantly, it taught me to trust the timing of my life.

A few months after I got home, my grandmother’s health started to deteriorate.

She was in the hospital for two weeks and because I was unemployed, I had time to visit her every day. I would bring my laptop there and sit with her for hours.

But she didn’t get better. On December 8th, she passed away unexpectedly. And in that moment, I understood perfectly why I was called home.

Intuition knew where I needed to be even when I didn’t.

Your intuition knows what you don’t.

Hears what you don’t want to.

Sees what you choose to ignore.

Embraces what you shy away from.

But intuition isn’t reckless. No, that’s impulse.

Intuition doesn’t tell you to jump off a bridge, intuition tells you you need adventure. Intuition doesn’t tell you to move somewhere new without any money, it tells you you need change.

Intuition is a gentle nudge towards where you need to go.

Trust it and watch the pieces fall into place.

Has your intuition ever led you down some crazy path?


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