Poems & Short Stories

Poems and short stories help me process and encapsulate feelings that regular sentences cannot. By sharing them, I hope they can help you too.

Sometimes words come to me
Like sprinkles on a child’s tongue
Gelatinous and sweet
Other times they rush through me
Like a meteor shower
And I don’t dare to look away
But every once in a while
They’ll flow through me
Like water through a porous vessel
And I’ll say thank you
For choosing me
Of all people

The Strange & Wonderful Feeling of Being Foreign

You don't really know what's wrong Except the pancake mix you bought doesn't taste quite right And the pizza crust isn't as doughy But you shrug it off But as the days go by These once perplexing details Start to grind you down And for some reason You feel angry ...
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The Hostel Dweller

The hostel dweller climbs up and down creaky staircases and bedsDrinks instant coffeeAnd watches people come and go The hostel dweller sleeps in a room with people from all over the world but doesn’t bother to ask where are they from anymore  The hostel dweller is used to shower flip flops and travel sized everythingincluding ...
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That Which He Has to Give to Himself

He wakes up And she’s not there I can hear his heartfelt cries in the morning And my heart aches But I know, there is nothing I can do Death is not something I can make light of What can I say? What can I do? It always feels so ...
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My Mother’s Hands

My mother’s hands Are papery thin How glorious and beautiful Her veins running through them like the Nile river She tries to hide them Saying they reveal too much Yet the only thing I see Are years of tireless nights in every crack And selfless servitude in every fold The ...
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develop strength


A little while ago I told fear to go fuck itself I put my feet up I felt wonderful This tiny parasitic emotion Paralyzing me Controlling me Creates havoc in my soul But fear is just a monster that we create It feeds on the powers that we give it We ...
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My Eyes

My eyes disappear when they smile Like the crescent moon They tell the truth When my words refuse They are dark brown Like the skin of the orphans I danced with Like the muddy river of the Turkwel that I swam in They are shiny Like the glare on the windows ...
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The Rain on Canal

The rain on Canal is putting me in a chokehold It makes the cabs look like beams of light I lost my umbrella again somewhere on 16th and 9th The icy cold rain pounding on me My black dress dragging heavier with each step I shiver and walk past the ...
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When I'm on the road I become friends with the unknown I make peace with restlessness When I'm on the road I pretend time doesn't exist Until I realize it's time to descend ...
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